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If you want to upgrade your career while also making life-changing money and gain more time and freedom to enjoy life, then you need to STOP doing what everyone else is doing which is just working for a living and START treating your job as a business and be the CEO of your career and start approaching work and your career with that mindset. 

Why I started this blog?

I launched this blog in 2021, but have been in the career coaching and talent acquisition field for over 25 years.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, I was saddened by the number of job seekers who lost their job and are still struggling to get back into the job market. But what really inspired me to start this blog is the one common denominator I found in just about every job seeker I came in contact with — they all had some level of unhappiness in their career, employer/boss or income.

The other reason was that I too, like everyone else, had the same job pitfalls (yes, even as a professional in the field) of being unhappy and constantly changing jobs. My personal escape from the rat race was putting focus on finding alternative money making opportunities that I could start part time and eventually be able to replace my day job.

What I learned was that you can have BOTH, acquire a job you love and also have one or more side gigs to make extra money or even become your dream lifestyle job. 

Most people spend a majority of their career life on the job market – and I was no exception. 

Gone are the days of spending 25-40+ years in one company. Don’t get me wrong there are pockets of career longevity still out there, but very rare.  There are also too many unpredictable variables in today’s fast paced job market compared to years ago that have completely changed the job landscape to make it harder to find both happiness and stability — so I decided to launch this blog with the same principles and approach I use and hope to inspire and help you as well.

By treating my job as a business, I stopped being just an employee and became the CEO of my own career – a Jobpreneur.

With 25+ years of “battle-tested” real-life experience as a talent professional and working with thousands of job seekers from recent college grads to senior-level executives in multiple industries including my own job struggles, so I have first-hand experience in what it’s like in the real job market which has led me to want to offer others a better way. 

There are two paths to a Jobpreneur.

  1. Build your dream lifestyle job by following a business-based mentality approach.
  2. Add other job sources and income. 

Let’s face it, most advice is either outdated or from someone with no experience. I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been likely misled or lied to.

The fact that 99% of job seekers end back on the job market tells it all proof enough that the old approach is not working. Also, turning to a head hunter or employment agency may solve the short-term problem of helping you find a job, but they are not focused on helping you in the long run and just understand that they are in it for the money. It’s not that they have bad intentions, but they work for the employer and not the job seeker. The average commission ranges from 20-30% of the yearly salary if they maker the placement. They are operating as your career coach or looking out for your best interest, they are in it to make a commission.

For most this is a never-ending cycle of job searches and dreaded interviews!

What I found interesting is that the old-school mindset of simply just getting a degree, posting your resume, and go on interviews to land a job, is still as alive today as it was years ago. The problem is that what worked decades ago simply does not work today. It does not matter if you are 18 years of age or 60 – you need to adopt a different strategy.

To acquire your perfect job lifestyle in 2021, you need new tactics.

The entire reason I created this blog was to show there is a better approach to “work” and build the dream lifestyle you want and deserve in 2021 and beyond.

Our community of Jobpreneurs is being built as we speak to help you with:

CHANGE: Approach your career in a different way. Make a major change in your career. Not only switch industries but build additional income while working your “day job”. I show you how to redefine who you are and make the leap — with detailed examples of exactly how others did

GROWTH: Start making more money and find opportunities to grow YOU and excel YOU in YOUR chosen skill and career. Fast-track yourself not your employer.

FLEXIBLE: Find a job that gives you a flexible lifestyle. Work remotely. Spend YOUR time when and where YOU want. After all, it’s YOUR life.

The entire reason I created this blog was to abandon this old advice and update your job search tactics for 2021 and beyond. 

Our community of Jobpreneurs is built to help you:


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