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About Aquire Job

Drawing from my 30 years of experience helping individuals and corporations find the best match for their job skills, I gained a unique perspective on how to find quick success, both for the job seeker and the employer.

I also discovered that to land the perfect lifestyle dream job with real, long lasting job security, just following the traditional approach is not enough in today's job market landscape.

Let's face it, most jobs advice is severely outdated and job security no longer exists.

The old-school ways of just posting your resume and using outdated methods in the hopes of landing a job, let alone in a chosen field that you love, just doesn't cut it or exists in today's competitive market.

Even worse, data shows that 90% of those that find a job end up back on the job market in less than two years - it's an endless cycle.

As far as job security, the days of hoping to climb the corporate ladder and retiring from an employer are long gone.

To find true long-term success, you need to adopt an entirely different approach.

To achieve your dream job and attain life-changing financial success, you must shift your thinking away from that of an employee and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, assuming the role of CEO in your career - I refer to this approach as being a jobpreneur™ - a new strategy and approach to be more like a business owner and not a tortured employee.

The reason I started this site is to help you find your dream lifestyle job.

So I started this site with a mission of not only to help you find legitimate work from home jobs and money-making side gigs that you’re passionate about, but to also help you acquire a better lifestyle to live the life you've always wanted.

My team and I research and try out a large number of opportunities to bring you the best and only legitimate information.

This site is built to cut through the bad advice with newer, more actionable income solutions and opportunities for today’s job market, regardless if you're just starting your career journey or have been working for years. To your success, Claudio Cortina, founder of Acquire Job.

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