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I can sum up everything I’ve learned about the job market from my 27 years as an employment professional, in one sentence:

Approach Jobs Like An Entrepreneur, Not an Employee - become a Jobpreneur.™

If you want your dream lifestyle job and make life-changing money, you need to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking more like an entrepreneur and become the CEO of your career.

Let's face it - most job advice is outdated.

The old-school ways of just landing a job in your chosen field or career don't work anymore in today's competitive market. What's even worse is that 90% of those that find a job end up back on the job market within two years - it's an endless cycle.

You need a new strategy and approach and become more like a business owner and not a tortured worker.

The entire reason I created this blog is to show you better ways to obtain your dream job and lifestyle.

This blog is built to cut through the bad advice with newer, more actionable solutions and income opportunties for today’s job market no matter if you are just starting or seasoned.

Our community of Jobpreneurs™ is designed to help you:

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Add a Side Hustle

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Become a Jobpreneur™

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